Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boston and Fred

I had breakfast with my friend Spencer Zwick a week ago on Friday. He is in the ward in which Fred is serving as a missionary. He said all kinds of good things about Freddy--of course (he had to). But i think he really meant it as well. Later that day, i was on my way home from Boston and made a connection in Chicago. I got a text from Spencer thanking me for breakfast and promising to keep in touch. He said, "I gave the bag you gave me to Elder Nelson (full of halloween candy). He is standing right next to me. He is the best!" Great to know that other people appreciate his greatness.

Then later that weekend, Jim and Darci went up to Boston for a Single Adult Conference. They went to a random meeting which happened to be a large Stake Conference. Darci sat down and looked to her left and there is Fred. They had no idea he would be there and there were thousands of people at the meeting. Then the problem was to find Jimmie. As soon as Darci and Fred got together, they wondered where he would be among the thousands--and they found him immediately. tender mercy of the Lord. They had a great time talking in the foyer for 90 minutes. Hard to believe that Fred will be home in less than 8 weeks.