Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love Christmas season.
I feel particularly blessed today because we just found out that my dear brother-in-law got a job in Las Cruces, NM. I think they will love that beautiful area. Right next to them is a great national recreation area that they will love. They are 3 hours from their daughter Jen and her husband, Dave. I love them and they will be a blessing to the people of New Mexico.
Sam and Reagan are home spreading Cheer.
On January 1, everyone in our family will be here--i can't believe it.
I just saw a video on Katherine's blog. I can't figure our how to put it here--so go to her blog. something about a cottage on the left. It is incredible. And it has made me love everyone and everything. I am especially proud of Katherine today. She is the greatest--her ability to express herself in writing and put great things on her blog make me excited to visit it.
Even though sometimes I would like to advance time, I can't believe how grateful I am for the incredible blessings that I have, and they are mainly my incredible family and others who i love and love my kids.
I don't even know how to say strongly enough how much I wish the Lord's blessings to be with you this incredible season. May He bless you more than there is.
I love you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boston and Fred

I had breakfast with my friend Spencer Zwick a week ago on Friday. He is in the ward in which Fred is serving as a missionary. He said all kinds of good things about Freddy--of course (he had to). But i think he really meant it as well. Later that day, i was on my way home from Boston and made a connection in Chicago. I got a text from Spencer thanking me for breakfast and promising to keep in touch. He said, "I gave the bag you gave me to Elder Nelson (full of halloween candy). He is standing right next to me. He is the best!" Great to know that other people appreciate his greatness.

Then later that weekend, Jim and Darci went up to Boston for a Single Adult Conference. They went to a random meeting which happened to be a large Stake Conference. Darci sat down and looked to her left and there is Fred. They had no idea he would be there and there were thousands of people at the meeting. Then the problem was to find Jimmie. As soon as Darci and Fred got together, they wondered where he would be among the thousands--and they found him immediately. tender mercy of the Lord. They had a great time talking in the foyer for 90 minutes. Hard to believe that Fred will be home in less than 8 weeks.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Approaching Spring

We heard from Fred as usual and he is having an amazing experience in the Boston Mission. He is now serving in Lynnfield. When we returned from our trip to the BVI, we were getting up at 430 in the morning. So one morning I decided to see if there were any relatives buried in the Lynnfield area--we have ancestors buried all over eastern Massachusetts. I couldn't find any in Lynnfield, but for the first time I discovered that we had some relatives (my 11th and 12th Great-Grandfathers) on the Mayflower. I told Karen that she is married to a real native American.
The snow is starting to melt and we can see the light at the end of the long winter tunnel. It has been a great winter and it will be a great spring.

Tom, Annie and Jack have just had their birthdays and Karen, consistent with what she has always done, made them great days. It is interesting that all the kids at home have their birthdays in February. They are all doing great--Tommy and Jack are in Basketball, and Annie has started Lacrosse. Jack had is greatest game ever--hitting for 14 points and handling the ball really well yesterday.

Karen and I are going to Bozeman, MT to look at a business that I may buy. I also got invited by the owner to go fly fishing while I am there. That will be great.

All else is well and we are looking forward to seeing you all

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Karen on the BVI Sailing Trip etc.

We took a sailing trip a couple of weeks ago to the British Virgin Islands - there were 12 of us - all friends from our neighborhood - we were on two sailboats and we toured around many of the islands - sailing all day - partying on the islands all evening - I had no idea there was so much involved in sailing - there were times when the swells would come up and our boat was literally on its side with the water higher than the boat - it was wild at times - other times it was smooth as glass - everyone had to work the sails and ropes to the skipper's orders - our skipper was from Jamaica - and we all loved him - he was raised on boats since he was a small boy and his father taught him everything he knew -- it was obvious there was nothing he could not handle - that was nice! I had no idea it was going to be so beautiful - the ocean- the skies - islands -- I discovered the color water will be in heaven - the bright, clear turquoise water that we saw there -- you could see the white sand on the bottom of the ocean floor - the water so clear and vibrant - I couldn't keep out of the water - swimming three hours at a time sometimes --- beautiful - we hiked through pirate caves that opened onto Devil's Bay - I was astounded by what we kept seeing - beauty everywhere - we ate at really unusual restaurants and what was on the islands ranged from undeveloped to the most luxurious of resorts - beaches so beautiful - the water was my favorite -- pina coladas and banana daiquiris were a constant --- but mostly the constant was... all of God's creations swirling together into one magnificent experience -- I still can't believe we were able to go - it is like a dream - it is a dream - a dream come true.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting the Blog

It is deep winter in Highland, Utah. Eighteen inches of snow are on the backyard and we are inside and warm in the house. It is amazing to me that my people 2-3 generations back had to fight to keep warm--while we are blessed with automatic thermostats that make it so that we don't even have to think about it.

In the middle of all this weather, Karen and I, impatient for Spring, are headed for the caribbean in a week. We are renting a sailboat and going with a few friends and will cruise the Virgin Islands for a week. We have wanted to go on this trip for 34 years (ever since we got married) and finally found the right time to go. We will post some pics when we return---

Sam is getting married and we have been talking about his professional life for which he is preparing at BYU. He is doing great and marrying an incredible girl--I don't know why we get so blessed with the unbelievable people that are added to our family. Sam Hirt has set the bar, and Reagan Brown is equal to that that high standard. We have loved Reagan for years and years--long before she and Sam fell in love. She is brilliant, athletic, devoted, Spiritual, and comes from great stock. Her Parents, Mike and Leslie, have been among our closest friends for almost 30 years. They are legends in our stake, and are some of world's most amazing people. They get married on the 25th of April.

I am coaching Jack's basketball team. I am sure that some of the parents are wondering why Jack's grandpa is coaching the basketball team.