Sunday, February 22, 2009

Approaching Spring

We heard from Fred as usual and he is having an amazing experience in the Boston Mission. He is now serving in Lynnfield. When we returned from our trip to the BVI, we were getting up at 430 in the morning. So one morning I decided to see if there were any relatives buried in the Lynnfield area--we have ancestors buried all over eastern Massachusetts. I couldn't find any in Lynnfield, but for the first time I discovered that we had some relatives (my 11th and 12th Great-Grandfathers) on the Mayflower. I told Karen that she is married to a real native American.
The snow is starting to melt and we can see the light at the end of the long winter tunnel. It has been a great winter and it will be a great spring.

Tom, Annie and Jack have just had their birthdays and Karen, consistent with what she has always done, made them great days. It is interesting that all the kids at home have their birthdays in February. They are all doing great--Tommy and Jack are in Basketball, and Annie has started Lacrosse. Jack had is greatest game ever--hitting for 14 points and handling the ball really well yesterday.

Karen and I are going to Bozeman, MT to look at a business that I may buy. I also got invited by the owner to go fly fishing while I am there. That will be great.

All else is well and we are looking forward to seeing you all

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  1. oooo, fly fishing in Montana. What a dream come true for you!