Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting the Blog

It is deep winter in Highland, Utah. Eighteen inches of snow are on the backyard and we are inside and warm in the house. It is amazing to me that my people 2-3 generations back had to fight to keep warm--while we are blessed with automatic thermostats that make it so that we don't even have to think about it.

In the middle of all this weather, Karen and I, impatient for Spring, are headed for the caribbean in a week. We are renting a sailboat and going with a few friends and will cruise the Virgin Islands for a week. We have wanted to go on this trip for 34 years (ever since we got married) and finally found the right time to go. We will post some pics when we return---

Sam is getting married and we have been talking about his professional life for which he is preparing at BYU. He is doing great and marrying an incredible girl--I don't know why we get so blessed with the unbelievable people that are added to our family. Sam Hirt has set the bar, and Reagan Brown is equal to that that high standard. We have loved Reagan for years and years--long before she and Sam fell in love. She is brilliant, athletic, devoted, Spiritual, and comes from great stock. Her Parents, Mike and Leslie, have been among our closest friends for almost 30 years. They are legends in our stake, and are some of world's most amazing people. They get married on the 25th of April.

I am coaching Jack's basketball team. I am sure that some of the parents are wondering why Jack's grandpa is coaching the basketball team.

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  1. Take it easy on that court, we don't want "Grandpa" taking another tumble. :)